Blockchain Use Case Canvas

Blockchain is a new, foundational technology with numerous of application possibilities. However, you might not be aware of which use cases in your own business model might benefit from blockchain technology.

To help you analyzing your business when it comes to blockchain use cases, this workshop introduces an identification framework for blockchain through our Blockchain Use Case Canvas. This ‘Blockchain Use Case Canvas’ will help you decide which propositions you can take into account developping or incorporating blockchain technology. It will also determine what characteristics these blockchain implementations will have, and which specific advantages they will render.


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The Cuttingwood  ‘Blockchain Use Case Canvas Workshop’ will help you decide how to use and empower your business with Blockchain technology, what characteristics these blockchain implementations would have, and which specific advantages they would offer.

Some of the covered topics in the workshop are:
1) Getting a clear understanding of the (Functional) Business areas and how they can be affected by Blockchain
2) Determine the Goals & Context; Answering WHY Blockchain and Creating a Blockchain Value Proposition
3) Exploring the Expected Impact
4) Evaluating and scoring the Concept
5) Scoring the Blockchain Ideation
6) Creating the desired and Optimum Information Flow in the chain
7) Creation of  the Blockchain Use Case Canvas
8) Building a stakeholder support system
9) Vision Casting: determine 7 steps to reach your vision of Blockchain implementation
10) Deploy, Evaluate, Iterate

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