Our Tailored In-House Workshops combine resources with extensive experience deploying frameworks and tools and tailor them to the specific context of your organization. Together we create and deliver a customized learning experience that will yield concrete results and enable your team and organization to move forward in the age of digital transformation.


We start by establishing the context of your needs, wants and desires. We’ll do additional research and tailor the workshop’s approach and, if necessary, the canvas to your needs. We include our proprietary key canvas thinking concepts and techniques so we can relate them to your specific needs and challenges.

THE Cuttingwood IMPACT

We support your organization with our focused and targeted deployment of the Blockchain Use Case Canvas. At Cuttingwood we avoid generic training and workshop sessions that are unrelated to your unique jobs, gains and pains. Our team focuses our tailored in-house workshops on action and co-creating solutions ensuring the Cuttingwood impact and tangible results for your organization.

Inhouse Impact workshop

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